Growing Friends' Plants of the Month 2018

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  • Goodenia macmillanii - January/February 2018 Plant of the Month

    Goodenia macmillanii, an Aussie plant, was first described by von Mueller in 1859 and is endemic to Victoria being found only in a few locations in East Gippsland. It is listed as vulnerable in the Department of Sustainability and Environment's Advisory List. Unlike the more common Goodenia ovata which has yellow flowers, it has purple/mauve flowers and an upright habit. Flowering is in summer. It seems to grow well in most soil types, tolerates sun and shade although the best conditions are moist soils. It is frost tender. It is an interesting and rewarding perennial for home gardens and not just because of its rarity; it is attractive in its own right.

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    Chamaecereus sylvestri - March 2018 Plant of the Month 

    Chamaecereus sylvestri, (The Peanut Cactus) is an interesting, easy to grow little plant originally from a mountainous area in Argentina.

    Its young shoots resemble peanuts, and will readily fill a pot in 2 years. The stems lengthen into cylindrical finger-like shapes and are pale green with soft hairs and lengthwise shallow indentations.

    This fascinating cactus will also grow indoors, as long as it receives sunlight and is kept moist. Bright scarlet star like flowers may occur in Spring and early summer under favourable growing conditions. Great for terracotta pots and hanging baskets.

    There are plants available for sale in the Growing Friends nursery