A group of botanical artists are celebrating the work of Dr. Hermann Beckler, the botanical collector who was a Member of the Victorian Exploring Expedition on its famous journey across the continent more than 150 years ago. They are collecting and painting some of the same plants as Beckler did in September - October 1860. As botanical artists they aim to revive interest for research in the plant sciences.

Botanical artists who wish to join this project are most welcome and are invited to contact the project leader, Mali Moir mali_moir@hotmail.com

More detailed information can be found on the blog page 'About Beckler's Botanical Bounty'.

For more information please go to becklersbotanicalblogspot.com and www.malimoir.com.au

Field Trips to Menindee.

The latest field and painting trip was held in 2016.

Mali Moir - Leader of ‘Beckler’s Botanical Bounty: The Flora of Menindee - 150th commemorative collection’ project involving artists and scientists in bringing together the re-collection of a significant 1860 Australian plant collection of Dr Hermann Beckler, together with the illustration of species collected. Inspired by the 150th anniversary of the Burke & Wills Victorian Exploration Expedition, botanical artists from Victoria and New South Wales, aim to revive interest in Beckler’s plant collection. This model supports and expands community interest in culture, heritage, art and science by way of education and participation.

Project Leader, Mali Moir

Also see becklersbotanicalblogspot.com and www.malimoir.com.au